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MoneyGram Foundation Supports Migrant Communities in Korea

Educational resources will be provided in cooperation with the Asia Foundation and Seoul City Government

Seoul, SOUTH KOREA (October 11, 2018) - The MoneyGram Foundation celebrated today the launch of an educational initiative aimed at helping migrant children assimilate Korean culture while preserving their ethnic heritage. The project named “Multilingual Book Creation for Migrant Families in Korea”, launched in cooperation with the Asia Foundation, will provide expat communities with greater access to reading materials in their native languages.

The MoneyGram Foundation awarded the Asia Foundation with a $56,635 grant to fund bilingual, educational storybooks. This funding is part of a greater partnership between The Asia Foundation, Seoul City Government, Support Centers for Foreign Workers and Multicultural Family Support Centers as well as Books International. The grant will go towards supporting the goal to reach approximately 50,000 members of migrant communities through 24 support centers across Seoul.

“At MoneyGram, we believe in the transformative power of early education. By supporting this project, we wanted to make it easier for children to start their life in a new country. By learning the Korean language and getting to know the country’s culture we hope it will be easier for children to make some new friends,” said Joann Chatfield, MoneyGram’s chief marketing officer.

The project kicked off with “The Book Story and Illustration Contest” organized by the Seoul City Government. Applicants were invited to submit stories or illustrations representing their cultural heritage. Twenty winners were selected and invited to a workshop where they can to practice and develop their writing and illustration skills. The awarded stories and artworks will be included in the reading resources printed and distributed to the migrant centers.

An estimated 10,000 print books will include 10 newly created bilingual children’s titles in Korean and other languages including Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino. Russian, Khmer, Thai, Mongolian, and English. Books will be distributed to migrant centers to enable them to respond to the need for inclusive learning resources. Migrants unable to visit the support centers will have free access to the Asia Foundation’s Let’s Read! digital library to read books at home.

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